AIRS Hiring Manager Training

A Consultative Approach to Working with Recruiters

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Please note: This is a self-guided online course. 

Recruiters and hiring managers must implement well thought out strategies to find and attract the talent needed to make the organization successful. This course focuses on the ability of the recruiter and hiring manager to work together as business partners to successfully meet these long term goals. Today, we will look to understand recruitment and hiring so that we can serve as consultants to our business partners.

During this interactive session, you will be provided with:

  • A keen understanding of the recruitment and hiring process, the people involved and their responsibilities
  • A thorough checklist of ways to be a consultant to your designated recruiter
  • Best practices to create a consistent approach to working with your recruiter/business partner
  • Tips on how to invest your time wisely to ensure a productive outcome and successful hire
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