Third-Party Recruiters

To support our clients that recruit in an agency, third party, or retained search recruiter environment, we have curated the following list of AIRS Training courses that meet their unique needs.

With AIRS, there are no "hidden" or add-on fees.  We are here to support the growth and development goals of our clients.

Please contact us for group pricing options.
  • Certified Internet Recruiter (CIR)

    The SearchLab: Advanced Internet Recruitment Strategies program provides Recruiting professionals with the opportunity to learn leading edge and innovative search tactics to locate the best candidates on the web today.  Leaving behind the common recruiting destinations, this course explores creative avenues and techniques to locate top talent. 

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  • Certified Diversity and Inclusion Recruiter (CDR)

    The CDR Learning Path provides recruiters the opportunity to learn strategies to help them learn how to locate diverse candidate pools using a variety of resources, including internet search techniques to create an effective plan for locating and building pipelines of talent.

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  • Certified Social and New Media Recruiter (CSMR)

    The CSMR Learning Path helps recruiters learn how to source and recruit candidates using various social and new media resources such as Facebook®, Clubhouse®, Twitter®, Instagram®, Reddit℠, YouTube®, and more.  This training will help attendees learn how to leverage social, professional, and new media destinations to locate candidates, user profiles and gather competitive intelligence. 

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  • Certified Technical Recruiter (CTR)

    The CTR Learning Path helps recruiters understand technical recruiting and the sourcing landscape to support an effective IT recruiting strategy, from research to communicating with candidates. Recruiters with a solid understanding of how to source for engineers, developers, and other specialized tech candidates set themselves apart from other recruiters.

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  • Professional Recruiter Certification (PRC)

    The AIRS Professional Recruitment Certification course focuses on full cycle recruitment and helps Recruiting and Human Resource professionals think strategically about the talent acquisition process. The AIRS Professional Recruiter Certification course is ideal for all talent acquisition professionals looking to make an impact in their company.

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Core Recruiting Classes

Negotiating and Closing Strategies for Recruiters

Recruiters learn to successfully negotiate and close candidates with confidence and skill.

Fearless Cold Calling and Contacting

This course is a best-of-the-best compilation of proven techniques that help turn cold calls into candidates.

Performance-Based Interviewing

Attendees learn to effectively interview to identify and attract top-performers.